Christina Sormani

My new webpage is
This picture was taken in 1995.  I am a Riemannian Geometer and specialize in the study of manifolds with Ricci Curvature bounds. 

I was a non tenure track assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mathematics, September 1997-December 1999.

I am now a tenured Associate Professor at the City University of New York, Lehman College and Graduate Center.

I used to live off campus in a nice apartment in historic Mount Vernon. I didn't find it through the off campus housing office, and it isn't affiliated with Hopkins, but it had an excellent landlord.

My papers are posted as eprints at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Math Archive.


        A New York Times Article on Affirmative Action
        Analysis II, Johns Hopkins, Spring, 1999
        Analysis I, Johns Hopkins, Fall, 1998
        Introduction to Differential Geometry, Johns Hopkins, Fall, 1998
        Partial Differential Equations, Johns Hopkins, Spring 1998
        Riemannian Geometry, Johns Hopkins, Fall-Spring 1998
My Approach to Teaching
Some Projects for Calculus II
                    that I designed for use at New York University.
Introductory Lessons for Real Analysis (sans pictures)
                     that I designed for Math112 at Harvard University

                             and used at Johns Hopkins as well.

Pursuing a Mathematics Career in Academia:

The American Mathematical Soceity has advertisements for academic positions.
Graduate students applying for academic jobs might be interested in viewing my old Curriculum Vitae in postscript, The Thesis Description I used when I first graduated, and the Current Research Interests also used when I first graduated in 1996.